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Iridology is the study of health by observing the colour, structure and markings of the iris.

The iris is the part of the eye that surrounds the pupil and gives the eye its colour.

Through numerous nerve reflex connections, the iris is connected to every tissue and organ of the body. In this way the iris is considered a map of the body, reflecting the health and integrity of tissues throughout the body.

Like fingerprints, no two irises are alike. By studying the colour and structure of the iris, the physical constitution including strengths and weaknesses, personality traits and behavioural characteristics can be observed.

Iridology is primarily used as a tool to observe the constitutional strengths and weaknesses inherited from our mother, father, grandparents and great grandparents. In this way we see the gifts and challenges we have been born with which may, or may not be activated, depending on how one chooses to live including lifestyle, diet and psycho-social factors.

Bronwyn has been trained in both Integrated Iridology and Rayid Iridology.

Click on the links below to explore these healing systems further.

Integrated Iridology
Rayid Iridology
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"The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul"

- Traditional Proverb

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History of Iridology

The idea of iridology is thought to have existed for around 2000 years, however the practice of iridology was born in the 1800s when two men Dr. Ignatz Von Peczely and Nils Liljequist the “fathers of iridology”, both noticed changes in the iris.

Dr. Ignatz Von Peczely was about 10 years old when he captured an owl in the back garden.

In the owls attempt to escape, its leg became injured. Von Peczely noticed that a mark immediately appeared in the owl’s iris in the position now known to represent the leg.

Nils Liljequist noticed discolorations within his own iris and with continual observation, began to note that the discolourations were linked with various drugs and chemicals absorbed by the body. Since then there have been numerous contributors to the development of iridology from Europe, America and Australia.

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