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I am an accredited, registered member with The Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

A graduate of the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine with a Health Science degree in Naturopathy, I am a qualified Nutritionist and Herbalist. I have a passion for healing, offering compassion, support and the tools to help create the healthy life you seek.

With over a decade of experience and a background in Pharmacy I have spent the last ten years working at Warburton Pharmacy, supporting the community with Natural Health Solutions. I have recently decided to relocate and have set up a beautiful, cozy clinic in Gladysdale.

My special interests lie in areas of mood, anxiety, addiction, hormonal disorders, and helping people with undiagnosable conditions and recovery after trauma and burnout. I have helped many clients with other conditions including I.B.S, Crohn’s, cardiovascular disease, menopause, P.M.S, fibroids, low libido, erectile dysfunction, allergy, migraine, nutritional deficiencies, healthy vegetarian eating and support during cancer treatment.

Having a strong holistic focus, I consider myself a life long student, gathering resources to help support the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health and the development of self-empowerment and positive thinking.

Following my love and passion for history, psychology and the healing power of archetypes,

I have been researching and bringing into practice some of the ancient and traditional tools for spiritual wellbeing and constitutional assessment. As part of this work I have studied with Caroline Myss (Sacred Contracts), Steven Forrest & Jeffrey Wolf Green (Evolutionary Astrology), Judith Hill (Medical Astrology 101), Kira Sutherland (Naturopath and Medical Astrologer) and more recently, Quantum Human Design with Karen Curry Parker.

I have integrated many of these archetypal systems into my work and am now offering several of these services.

I have raised a loving family, am a talented musician and artist, with a love of history and the evolution of ancient knowledge. I continue to explore my passion for language and archetypes through Semiotics, Etymology, Mythology, Western Astrology and Jungian Psychology. 

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