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Flower Essences 

History of Flower Essences 

Healing with flowers is not new. It is believed that flower essences have been used by many cultures to treat emotional imbalances for thousands of years.

In 1932, Dr Edward Bach founder of the "Bach Flower Remedies", developed the method of preparation and use of modern flower essences using the flowering plants of England.

Since then, with the world wide interest in the healing properties of flower essences, many countries have prepared flower remedies from their country’s natural flora and Australia is no exception.

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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australia is known to have the world’s oldest and largest number of flowering plants and the Australian Aboriginals had already identified many flowers to heal certain emotional states.

In 1987, Naturopath Ian White, a fifth generation Australian herbalist from Terry Hills, N.S.W., set out to discover and prepare the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Flower Essences can help to release negativity and assist with emotional imbalances. Using the essences can produce positive changes in many areas of your life including: love of life, belief in self, confidence, forgiveness, courage, artistic expression, and motivation.

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Flower Essences: Image
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