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Client Testimonials

I have found Bronwyn to be a highly experienced naturopath. She is particularly skilled I feel in herbalism and as I tend to be very sensitive to herbs, I really value and trust her knowledge to help me to make the best choices for my health. I would highly recommend Bronwyn for all aspects of health and disease management.
But more than this, Bronwyn's holistic approach to health through her astrology and human design training has been life changing for me.  Helping me to make sense of the particular challenges/gifts I have in this life, and how to best navigate them. She is a wise, balanced and lovely person and has much to offer as a practitioner.

Victoria McKay (Warburton)

I have personally worked with Bronwyn for many years and in that time she has supported me through many challenges with my health and wellbeing. These include managing pain, improving gut health, weight loss and healthy eating, withdrawal from strong pharmaceutical medications, and quitting smoking successfully on my first attempt. 
More recently Bronwyn has provided in-depth guidance and counselling using astrology and Human Design framework.  For me, this has been profound, by providing me with insights into myself, as well as guiding me through finding my purpose, values and focus for the future.
This is just a snapshot of the things that Bronwyn has assisted me with over the years. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending her to assist with any of life’s physical or mental health challenges.


I would recommend Bronwyn as a naturopathic practitioner. I consulted with Bronwyn for a herbal remedy to assist with performance anxiety issues I was experiencing with my new partner. Despite being a sensitive issue, I felt comfortable talking to Bronwyn and covered a lot of ground in the first consultation. 
Bronwyn gave me some insight into my issue (which opened up a helpful conversation with my partner) and  also made me a herbal mixture, which I take when needed. Several weeks later, I’m happy to report a satisfying relationship.
Thank you so much Bronwyn.

Glenn B - (Yarra Ranges)

I have been seeing Bronwyn for quite a few years now. She is an amazing Naturopath and I would highly recommend her to anyone and I always refer people to her. Bronwyn is very knowledgeable, clear, concise and holds a compassionate and non-judgmental space. I find Bronwyn has been able to help with any issue I have had, and the results have always exceeded my expectations. I love her approach and wisdom, her insights and natural ability to help and heal.

Suzie Steiner

Bronwyn has an assurance and confidence in her manner that immediately puts one at ease and promotes trust. Her years of experience in her field are evident in the broad knowledge base she has accumulated and so generously shares with compassion and instinctive insight.
I found her astrological chart approach to discovering underlying physical and emotional mysteries particularly beneficial and quite dramatic as a healing tool for deeply rooted energy release.
Bronwyn is kind, sensitive and empathic and she provides a very safe, healing environment for her clients.


My experience with Bronwyn as a naturopath has been the most amazing and sacred time. Bronwyn connected with me in a way that made me feel nurtured, wholesome and healthy. Being able to receive a holistic care for my health, both physical and spiritual, has helped me to shift intense shadows from my day to day life and has helped my family enjoy me at my best.

I began seeing Bronwyn after intense post natal anxiety. After a few visits and a few trials on different herbs, I was able to reconnect with myself and move forward to a place of healing and total happiness. Seeing Bronwyn as a naturopathic healer, is the best connection I have made in my journey to bring in more peace and happiness in my home.
* I decided to write on the naturopathy, because the birth chart experience was so intense and wonderful and personal, I just didn’t know how to even begin *

B. (Warburton)

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Bronwyn Carroll has been of great help with a few health issues over the last ten years. She's been a great help with stress issues and an upset digestive system as well. Bronwyn is also helping me with sever arthritis in both of my shoulders. I highly recommend Bronwyn.

Trevor Cook

Bronwyn has a gentle, caring manner and a non-judgmental attitude. No matter what I am going through, my hour (or more) long sessions with her have always brought me to a place of calm and greater understanding, both of myself and of the situations I am in and how to move forwards. With her worldly wisdom of human interactions and ways of being, Bronwyn has assisted me in navigating a difficult situation which proved effective in substantiating both my own integrity and self-worth and those of the person with whom I was in conflict.

A few months ago I decided to have Bronwyn do my astrological chart for me. I have had this done twice before in my life, not fully understanding the significance of things at the time. Though an astrological chart is a rather complex thing, the way Bronwyn explained it in simplified form to me, had me gain some insights, even during our Skype session.

I gained even more insight from the clear recording she made of our session together and sent me via Dropbox.

I thoroughly recommend you have a consultation with Bronwyn. 

Catherine Warner

It has been about 15 months since I first experienced being treated by a naturopath after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018; going through the horrendous 5-month treatment of chemotherapy, depleting me of my white and red blood cells. I was seeing another naturopath for several months, but in this time I heard from at least 4 people of how Bronwyn helped them with her naturopathic remedies.  
In the first in depth consultation I was impressed in how specific Bronwyn was in replenishing my body with her remedies, also increasing the dosage, because what I was taking previously was not enough.  Health wise I had never experienced such energy and all my blood tests showed everything in my body returning to normal.  
It changed again when I was told in March 2020 my cancer had metastasised to the base of my spine. It was strongly suggested by my Oncologist to go on a hormonal medication, as well as chemo tablet. The side effects after many weeks, affected me so badly, mentally and physically, I was not able to function. My nervous system was not able to take anymore. The only hope I had was for Bronwyn to do research into making up something specifically to help me mentally, with my hormones and with the side effects of another type of chemo medication I am currently taking. It has been 2 weeks now and I am experiencing a vast difference in my physical and mental state, not really experiencing any side effects from the chemo.  I truly believe it is what Bronwyn suggested to take naturally.  Another big supportive factor is the simple strategies she gave me to cope with each day, now compounded by the 4th lockdown of Covid 19.
I have also experienced a session of Astrology with Bronwyn and was totally blown away by how accurate and specific it was in understanding me as an individual. I was given ways of coping, in a combination of both spiritual and science perspectives from Bronwyn, that other therapists I saw had only made more complicated to put into place. 
I see Bronwyn as giving me hope in all aspects of my life.

Maria Avocone

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