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Evolutionary Astrology

What Is Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology is a new branch of astrology that understands each persons birth chart as map of the soul’s evolution; that we are here to learn, grow, change and evolve. At the core is the belief that there is a larger, transpersonal meaning in our life and that the birth chart offers insight into both the challenges and cycles, or patterns we may become stuck in, as well as guidance and solutions for growth and change. It is not a predictive or fatalistic system, but rather one that offers a rich archetypal field, full of possibility and meaning, that one has the free will to explore.

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“People Change”

Steven Forrest

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The birth of Evolutionary astrology cannot be recognised as the work of one astrologer, but perhaps a wave of inspiration that passed through the collective consciousness of many astrologers in the 70’s and 80’s. Whilst Raymond Merriman was the first to publish a piece of work entitled “Evolutionary Astrology: The Journey of the Soul Through States of Consciousness” in 1977, the work of both Jeffery Wolf Green and Steven Forrest, also emerged at this time using the term Evolutionary Astrology.

The foundation of Evolutionary Astrology lies in the principle that we are here to evolve and focuses on the souls reincarnation. For those whom are uncomfortable with this concept, breakthroughs in epigenetics demonstrating inherited characteristics and ancestral memory, is another frame work that can feel comfortable here. The underlying principle is that we come into this life with unresolved issues or patterns, that we need to address in this life, to evolve and grow.

Another distinct difference found in Evolutionary Astrology, is that it looks at the birth chart with the question “Why” as opposed to “What". Traditional astrology is descriptive and attempts to describe the character. Evolutionary Astrology takes all this descriptive material to another level, asking “Why do you have the chart you have?” For example, instead of just describing the character traits of an Aries as strong, courageous, and active, Evolutionary Astrology explores the question “So Why are you an Aries?” As an Aries, you need to work with the themes and archetypes Aries offers, increasing your inner strength, courage, and facing fear head on. By stretching yourself further with these themes, transformation and evolution will occur.

In this way, by working with story, symbolism and archetypes, Evolutionary Astrology quickly helps to speak to the soul and re-align someone with their correct path. Having this new perspective helps shine light on the areas of life that were generating difficulty and resistance, transforming them into areas of growth and transformation.

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