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Archetypal Healing

Archetypes are symbolic images, or patterns of character and behaviour, that we intuitively understand regardless of gender, culture or education. Mother, Perfectionist, Lover and Warrior, are some examples of universal human imprints, found all around us, in life, art, myth, story and dream.

Archetypal counselling and healing methods help you identify the archetypes that live inside you and explore the plot of their story lines. Immersing yourself in the rich, symbolic language of archetypes, brings about deep and powerful insights, increasing self awareness, helping you to let go of conditioning, connect with your authentic self and redefine the story of who you are.

With increased comfort and acceptance of yourself, you begin to easily utilise your talents and abilities, interact synergistically with others, minimise resistance, make better choices and start thriving.

Archetypal Healing: Welcome


For the last few decades, Astrology has been synonymous with sun sign forecasts in magazines and newspapers, as a form of entertainment. Even the majority of modern astrology books have focused only on the sun and often presented cartoonish presentations of the signs qualities such as Pisces are dreamy and waste hours of their life looking for their car keys, Libras struggle with making decisions and Geminis talk none stop. However this somewhat fun, but overly reductionist approach to astrology has led to the majority of the West forgetting that astrology is the oldest science in the world. One can only imagine the dedication and brilliance of the mathematical minds thousands of years ago, that spent their time observing the night sky and over time identified and plotted the movement of the luminaries and inner planets. 


Archetypal Healing: Welcome

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology is a new branch of astrology that understands each persons birth chart as map of the soul’s evolution; that we are here to learn, grow, change and evolve. At the core is the belief that there is a larger, transpersonal meaning in our life and that the birth chart offers insight into both the challenges and cycles or patterns we may become stuck in, as well as guidance and solutions for growth and change. It is not a predictive or fatalistic system, but rather one that offers a rich archetypal field full of possibility and meaning, that one has the free will to explore.

Archetypal Healing: Welcome

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is a diagnostic tool that was used in mainstream Western Medicine from approximately 400BC up until the late 17th Century and continued amongst alternative therapies and by a few renegade physicians into the 21st century. Like all ancient medicine systems, its philosophies were drawn from observations of the sky, the seasons and surrounding elements: earth, air, fire and water. 

Based on the health trinity (mind, body and soul) medical astrology was used to assist in medical diagnosis, determine appropriate remedies and lifestyle changes, timing for treatment and dates for surgery. In its modern-day usage, it is used as an archetypal constitutional assessment tool, offering insight into one’s natural state of wellbeing, potential strengths and weakness, and other lifestyle patterns that may lead to health imbalance.

Looking at the symbols within the chart can lead to insight far more quickly, deepening the understanding of a case and also opening up conversations exploring any constitutional imbalances, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual.

Archetypal Healing: Welcome

Human Design

Human Design is a new, cutting edge personality assessment tool, that provides accurate and powerful insights to help you let go of conditioning, connect with your authentic self and re-define the story of who you are. A synthesis of Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Science, Human Design is a cross-cultural, archetype system that provides a manual of your own unique nature, showing your purpose, strengths and gifts.

Richly layered with archetypes, Human Design starts by first identifying five main character types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector. The intricate detail and story line is then further developed by weaving together your personal archetypes, drawn from many other elements within the chart: centres, gates and channels.

Bronwyn has studied with Karen Curry Parker, who has been practicing and teaching Human Design for over two decades. She has taken the language of traditional Human Design and now delivers it with empowering, higher vibrational frequency language that she calls Quantum Human Design™.

With the new language in place, Quantum Human Design™ is more comprehensive than traditional Human Design. The new language is expressive, expansive, and empowering, offering a new way to view the chart, so you can tell a bigger and better story of what’s possible for you in this lifetime.

Archetypal Healing: Welcome
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