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37% of the population

Focus: Respond, Right Work, Family, Mastery, Here to Build

Strategy: Respond, Then Act

Emotional Theme: Frustration

Challenges: Finding Right Work, Frustration and Quitting, Developing Patience, Waiting, and Trusting their Inner Response (Sacral)

Role: To Find Mastery in Their Work and Do The Work of the World

The Alchemist, known as the Generator in traditional Human Design, is a powerhouse and energetic dynamo. Having a defined sacral, they have sustainable energy and staying power. Of all the types these are the worker bees, the ones with the energy to take care of resources, education, children, family, the tribe and the community. For the Alchemist it’s about work in every way and doing it sustainably.

However, the Alchemist has to master patience, waiting for something from their external environment to respond to. This is the strategy for the Alchemist, learning to respond to the signs and signals the world brings to them, rather than trying to use their minds to figure things out, or plan their life. In other words, they can’t simply plan things or initiate action in their life; they have to wait for something from their external environment to confirm it.

The sacral is associated with sustainable energy and gut instinct. The Alchemist and Time Bender, are the only type that has the sacral defined, giving them a non-verbal, gut-vibrational, source of direction, that informs them of what feels right for them and what doesn’t. The sacral is their source of truth. The sacral cannot lie.

The sacral can be experienced as a “gut feeling,” but it also has an involuntary reflex, or sound. The energy from this primal sound moves like lightening, pulling them, or pushing them away from something. The Sacral sound is “uh huh” for yes and “un uhn” for no. 

Alchemists respond very well to yes or no questions, as they speak directly to the sacral. This sacral sound is their divine inner intuition, aligned with their correct path.

Satisfaction is a key word for the Alchemist. When they can trust the Universe and wait patiently, energy starts to build, increasing their attractiveness and drawing a true purpose into their life. In connection with their Sacral, using it as a guide to respond to right-work, they find themselves performing work that brings wealth, vitality and joy, feels satisfying and adds to the abundance in the world. 

Frustration is the emotional theme for the Alchemist, and one of their greatest challenges is that their learning curve occurs in a stair-step pattern. Once they have responded to something that is right for them, there is usually a huge surge of energy, that leads to a sharp spike of learning and mastery. The feeling of excitement and satisfaction encourages them to throw themselves into the new learning with gusto. However after some time, natural law brings about a plateau, or period of assimilation, and this can feel like they are stuck, or nothing new is happening.

This plateau period is normal, and both necessary for the integration and assimilation of this energy and new material. This period ultimately leads to further growth, development, and mastery. It is a time for waiting, practicing patience, as the Universe prepares the next thing for them to respond to.

The Alchemist has endless energy that radiates out of them and into the world. Here to take inspiration and give it form through creativity and work, they are guided by the gift of their inner wisdom and the pulses from their Sacral. When honouring their inner truth, the Alchemist is led to the right place, with the right people, and becomes masterful at whatever they’ve responded to.

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