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1% of the population

Focus: Mirroring, Community, Right Location, Timing, Sensitivity

Strategy: Waiting 29 Days (a full lunar cycle) before making decisions. 

Clarity Over Time

Emotional Theme: Disappointment

Challenges: Developing the Courage Know

when to Engage and when to Detach

Role: Measure through Reflection the Human Condition and Human Potential

The Calibrator, known as the Reflector in traditional Human Design, is a minority, representing only 1% of the population. Having no defined centres, their chart looks rather empty. However, all this openess in the chart means that they are taking in the energy of everybody else around them, making them quite a dynamic type.

Calibrators have quite a different life experience, when compared to any of the other types. Taking all this energy in from the people around them, they see the word through the eyes of everyone else, and their experiences can be a whirlwind of changing emotions, perceptions and extremes. In this way, they become a mirror, reflecting back the energy of the people around them, back out into the community.

Having to wait and live through the energy of others can also lead to feelings of disappointment. Disappointment in humanity, as they take in all the energy around them, sensing and feeling the full potential of the people and communities around them. They have a deep awareness and wisdom of what is possible for their loved ones, communities, and for the world.

For the Calibrator, more than any other type, choosing friends, partners and a geographical location that is “right” for them, is extremely important, as these all have a huge impact on the feelings and experience they have of themselves. Ensuring they are in the right location, a place that feels good or feels like home, ensures that their life feels aligned and in turn, attracts the right people and the right community. 

One of the biggest challenges for the Calibrator is their energy. They simply do not have a lot of sustainable energy for working in the traditional way we think of as work. If they try to push through and work steadily or “just do it,” they will steadily burn themselves out. Calibrators can amplify a lot of power and energy, but they cannot sustain it. Because hard work depletes them so much, they need to find a job, or structure their business, to allow for significant cycles of rest and restoration. 

One of the most uncomfortable things for the Calibrator is pressure, especially pressure to make decisions. Decisions do not feel natural for the Calibrator, especially when being required, or asked to use the mind. Calibrators more feel out, or experience a decision or choice, over a period of time. They have to experience their choice inside themselves over time, to be able to realise solutions and right choices.

This is the strategy of the Calibrator, waiting 29 days before making any major decisions. They are lunar beings, tied to the lunar cycle and need this length of time to have clarity, especially for major life changes such as leaving home, moving location, starting a new job or getting married.

During the 29 day cycle, the Calibrator benefits from seeking out people they feel comfortable with and talking about the decision they are exploring. This is not to gather the differing views and opinions of others, but so the Calibrator can hear themselves speaking about it. Hearing themselves speak, helps them to connect with their authentic self and know what they are feeling about their choice.

For optimal health the Calibrator thrives when following the three life factors previously discussed. They flow together naturally and build the foundation for optimal health. Firstly they need to be in the right location, surrounded by the right people and community. Having plenty of time alone and restful sleep, ensures their energy is optimal. With all of this in place, it becomes easier for them to wait through their 29 day cycle before making any major decisions, allowing for clarity and alignment.

Calibrators are here to be our Karmic Mirrors. The Calibrator in your life will reflect how close you are to fulfilling your potential, also showing your alignment, stage of emotional maturity and where you are on your evolutionary journey. Within the Calibrators heart, lies the potential for our optimal evolution and the story of what else is possible for humanity.

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