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9% of the population

Focus: Innovation, Initiator, Provoking, Empowering

Strategy: Inform Others Before Taking Action

Emotional Theme: Anger Due to Energy Flow Disruption 

Challenges: Energy, Patience, Reclaiming and Living in their Power

Role: Initiate Action from their Ideas and Inner Creative Flow

Initiators, known as Manifestors in Traditional Human Design, are here to make things happen. Designed to initiate action, they are the ones to “get the ball rolling.” Of all the energy types in Human Design, they are the only one that does not have to wait before taking action. Having their own innate ability to sense right-timing, they can self-initiate and often have their own personal way of interacting with life’s signs and signals. 

Representing only 9% of the population the Initiator is a minority. They have the potential to be a catalysing force, injecting tremendous drive and focus into whatever project or endeavour they are working on. Dynamic and creative, the Initiator has their own internal, non-verbal, creative flow that moves quickly when the timing is correct. This process can be so quick, that they simply do not have the time to put it into words. 

As soon as the Initiator takes action, other people notice and will often interrupt their creative flow. As a way of dealing with the Initiators energy, others may offer to help, or will want to know what they are doing. People can sense that something is about to happen, and feel they either need to be a part of it, or be poised and ready for what’s next. 

The strategy for the Initiator is to inform others before they leap into action. They don’t have to inform everyone around them, just those who will be impacted by their actions. This feels extremely unnatural at first and can be quite difficult for them to put into place. However, this process of letting people know their intentions before they rush off and do something, makes life so much easier. By keeping people in the loop, informing reduces stress, anger and the feeling of resistance. 

Initiators do not have their own “life force energy”. Having an undefined sacral, working a regular 9-5 job can be difficult and unnatural for the Initiator, as their energy is simply not sustainable. Finding work that supports their energy and allows for cycles of rest and restoration is important for their success and to prevent burnout.

Initiators don’t usually make good team players, as they can often feel that things get done faster if they do it themselves. Learning to delegate is an important skill for the Initiator, as they are not here to do the hard work, or to necessarily finish the sustained implementation of their ideas. They are here to create and initiate, and the Alchemist and the Time Bender are often far better suited to implementing the steps and bringing the project to fruition. 

Initiators are here to “make things happen,” and are tuned into the flow of creation in the world. With an air of invisibility, and enormous drive and focus, they are energetic messengers, designed to be of service, take action and initiate a flow of divine inspiration on the planet. Having powerful auras that impact those around them, Initiators are here to change the world we live in.

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