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20% of the population

Focus: Guidance, Wisdom, Intuitive, Sensitive, Sharing 

Strategy: Wait for an Invitation 

Emotional Theme: Bitterness, Depletion and Low Self-worth 

Challenges: Waiting to Receive the Right Invitation, Self Worth, Energy, and

Giving Away Intellectual Property 

Role: Direct, Manage and Guide others

The Orchestrator, known as the Projector in traditional Human Design has an undefined sacral and is not here to work in the traditional way. As they do not generate their “own life force energy,” they are highly attuned to the energy flow of the world and those around them. Absorbing the energies surrounding them, the Orchestrator has incredible insight, often seeing the bigger picture and is naturally suited to the role of manager, director, leader, organiser, guide, visionary and conductor of affairs.

Naturally the Orchestrator is keen to share their wisdom and insight with the world, however they can only do this once they have been recognised and invited to share what they know. This is the life strategy for the Orchestrator. Waiting in the background, waiting for the spotlight, waiting to be recognised and invited. 

Invitation to the important areas in life such as love, work, relationships and where to live, is the key strategy for the Orchestrator. They do not have to wait for an invitation for mundane daily decisions such as what to eat, whether to go to the movies, or how to spend their day off.

An invitation can quite literally be a written document, however it can also appear as a question or request, a compliment, a glance, deep eye contact, or even a deep inner sense that they are being called out to someone or something. It really can appear as anyone or anything that is seeking their involvement. However the recognition must genuinely recognise the Orchestrators qualities, be authentic and respect their worth. These "BIG invitations" come infrequently, every two or three years and are loaded with power and energy, as it means they have been seen and recognised for their values. However, the Orchestrator still needs to check with their Authority before accepting an invitation, to ensure it is right for them. 

One of the biggest challenges for the Orchestrator is their energy. Without a defined sacral, they simply do not have a lot of sustainable energy for working in the traditional way we think of as work. If they try to push through and work steadily or “just do it,” they will steadily burn themselves out. Because hard work depletes them so much, they need to find a job or structure their business to allow for significant cycles of rest and restoration.

The openess in an Orchestrators chart means they take in all types of energy from those around them. This has many benefits, allowing them to deeply see into the core of others, but it also means they can quite literally borrow energy from other people. They need both awareness and to be very careful managing this borrowed energy, monitoring how much they allow to run through their system. Fatigue and exhaustion are the achilles heel for the Orchestrator and openess can be energetically exhausting.

Abundance for the Orchestrator is mastering their own sense of worth and value and finding “their tribe”. They are the midwives of the future, having a deep inner sense of what’s possible for the world. They are in a constant state of managing the energy grid of the world and know how to direct the energy to bring the non-tangible into form. When they are true to form, their service and healing brings strong and powerful blessings to them, their people and the world.

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