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(Manifesting Generator)

33% of the population

Focus: Shortcuts to Mastery, Build, Respond, Right Work & Family

Strategy: Wait to Respond, Envision, Inform, then Act

Emotional Theme: Frustration and Anger

Challenges: Developing Patience and Waiting, Frustration and Quitting, Finding Right Work and Trusting their Inner Response (Sacral)

Role: To Find Mastery in Their Work and “Bend Time” by finding Shortcuts

 and Skipping Steps, as they bring their Creativity into Manifestation

The Time Bender, known as the Manifesting Generator in traditional Human Design, is a dynamic combination of two types, the Generator and the Manifestor. Having a defined sacral like an Alchemist (Generator), they also possess a defined motor that is connected to the throat, creating Initiator (Manifestor) energy. A potential powerhouse of energy, combined with their internal non-verbal creative flow, this type has to master patience, waiting for a “sign or signal” from their outer reality, before being able to release their extraordinary gifts to the world.

The Time Bender is super charged, like an Energiser Bunny, and makes an excellent multitasker, often feeling that things just aren’t moving fast enough. Being the busiest type, they NEED to have many projects “on the the go” at one time, as this supports their non-verbal creative flow. Not every project or idea needs to come to fruition and the Time Bender, and their support network, need to understand that it is this process of having so many plates up in the air that supports them. By keeping their intense energy flow busy, busy, busy, it allows their creative flow to ping pong around from one idea to another, ultimately discovering and producing the work that is correct for them.

Another feature of their speedy creative flow is the ability to skip steps. This is one of the reasons they have earned the title Time Bender as they can move so fast, reaching conclusions or completion without having to take all the usual steps, appearing to bend time. In some instances, they may have to go back and complete some of the missed steps, but usually there has still been some benefit in catapulting forward first and correcting the missed steps afterwards.

Their development is described as a stair-step pattern, having plateaus followed by periods of intense breakthrough. Without awareness of this pattern and the importance of waiting, the frustration they experience during these plateaus can lead them quickly off into a new direction, or to quit right before the breakthrough. In addition, if they are not responding appropriately, they can be busy, busy, busy accomplishing nothing. 

The emotional themes of the Time Bender are both anger and frustration. The anger comes from the Initiator side of their character and the frustration from the Alchemist. They need to learn to stabilise the energy around them, as well as realise they have a big impact on the other people around them. This is where they benefit from learning to inform others before they act. Informing can feel unnatural, may feel like it is slowing them down or almost like they are “asking for permission,” however when put into practice, they will discover that they meet far less resistance when they take the time to inform others. 

Time Benders are here to shorten the amount of time from thought to creation, reminding us that creation can happen instantaneously when connected with the Universe. As our collectives perception of time is evolving, the Time Bender leads the way with their own unique way of bending and using time.

Time Bender: Features
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