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The Five Human Design Types

QHD Type_Initiator.png



9% of the population

Focus: Innovation, Initiator, Provoking, Empowering

Strategy: Inform Others Before Taking Action

Emotional Theme: Anger Due to Energy Flow Disruption 

Challenges: Energy, Patience, Reclaiming and Living in their Power

Role: Initiate Action from their Ideas and Inner Creative Flow

QHD Type_Alchemist.png



37% of the population

Focus: Respond, Right Work, Family, Mastery, Here to Build

Strategy: Respond, Then Act

Emotional Theme: Frustration

Challenges: Finding Right Work, Frustration and Quitting, Developing Patience, Waiting, and Trusting their Inner Response (Sacral)

Role: To Find Mastery in Their Work and Do The Work of the World

QHD Type_Time Bender.png


(Manifesting Generator)

33% of the population

Focus: Shortcuts to Mastery, Build, Respond, Right Work & Family

Strategy: Wait to Respond, Envision, Inform, then Act

Emotional Theme: Frustration and Anger

Challenges: Developing Patience and Waiting, Frustration and Quitting, Finding Right Work and Trusting their Inner Response (Sacral)

Role: To Find Mastery in Their Work and “Bend Time” by finding Shortcuts

 and Skipping Steps, as they bring their Creativity into Manifestation

QHD Type_Orchestrator.png



20% of the population

Focus: Guidance, Wisdom, Intuitive, Sensitive, Sharing 

Strategy: Wait for an Invitation 

Emotional Theme: Bitterness, Depletion and Low Self-worth 

Challenges: Waiting to Receive the Right Invitation, Self Worth, Energy,

and Giving Away Intellectual Property 

Role: Direct, Manage and Guide others

QHD Type_Calibrator.png



1% of the population

Focus: Mirroring, Community, Right Location, Timing, Sensitivity

Strategy: Waiting 29 Days (a full lunar cycle) before making Decisions. 

Clarity Over Time

Emotional Theme: Disappointment

Challenges: Developing the Courage to Know

when to Engage and when to Detach

Role: Measure through Reflection the Human Condition and Human Potential

Human Design 5 Types: Features
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