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Berry Yoghurt Jar

These Berry Yoghurt Jars are super quick, travel well and delicious.

I have given a basic recipe idea here, but you could easily change it up by flavouring the yoghurt with cinnamon or vanilla, using different fruits (fresh or dried) and sprinkle with other toppings such as crushed nuts.

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Servings 2


1 cup natural untoasted muesli 

1 cup greek yoghurt 

200g mixed fresh berries

Sunflower, seeds, pumpkin seeds or toasted flaked almonds, to serve 


Place a layer of muesli in the base of two 500ml glasses or mason jars. Top with a layer of yoghurt and berries. Repeat a second layer of muesli, yoghurt and berries. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or flaked almonds. 

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One Bowl Meal Recipes: HTML Embed
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